Slack Bans Iranians

I n an ignoble move, the messaging company ‘Slack’ has deactivated accounts of hundreds of Iranian users across continents, saying that the decision has been made in accordance with US sanctions against Tehran. After Iranian Slack users took to Twitter to report the ignominious move, over a dozen news outlets from The Hill, to the […]

Iranian Startup Facilitates Building Construction

A new startup has been launched in Tehran that makes building construction a tad easier by connecting landowners, project managers, engineers, and contractors through a user-friendly online platform. Dubbed ‘Sakhteman-yar’ (which is loosely translated as builders’ friend), the startup through its smartphone application connects experts, engineers, raw material suppliers, and contractors, with landowners and project[…..]

Iran ICT Minister: No to Unilateralism in Cyberspace

R ejecting unilateralism in regulating the Internet and in face of the growing dominance of ICANN over cyberspace, Iran’s ICT minister called on ITU member states to take a more dynamic role in managing cyberspace. Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, the minister, on Tuesday said, “Some ITU members prefer the UN agency only regulate communications. They rather not[…..]

Iran Veep Attends Joint Tech Forum in Johannesburg

A business and technology forum was held last week by Iran and South Africa in Johannesburg. Iran’s Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari attended the four-day forum that started on Dec. 9, presenting the nation’s scientific and technological achievements, his website ( reported. Sattari headed a delegation comprising of 48 managers of knowledge-based[…..]